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Houston Martial Arts
Houston Martial Arts: Powerful Self-Defense. Inner-Calm. Fat-Fighting Fitness.
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The Houston After
School Karate Program:

A Fun, Structured, Supervised Program for Your Children That Teaches Them Confidence, Pride & Respect.

Children & their parents absolutely love our program. After all, every moment is packed with fun, engaging activities that teach your kids the skills they need for success in life.

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We've got transportation covered.

Monday thru Friday , we provide transportation for your children. They'll get picked up from school, and brought to our martial arts studio.
We are open based on the Houston ISD, Pearland ISD and Pasadena ISD schedule so our program includes teacher work days, 1/2days, 3 full days of winter break and a full week of Spring Break.

We cover the following schools:

  • Frasier Elementary
  • Thompson Intermediate
  • Melillo Middle School
  • Moore Elementary
  • Burnett Elementary
  • South Belt Elementary
  • Weber Elementary
  • Barbara Cockrell Elementary
  • Beverly Hills Intermediate
  • Laura Bush Elementary
  • Atkins Elementary
  • Morris Middle School
  • More schools added this fall...

Pick up time for parents is at 6:00 pm

Kids Martial Arts: A fun formula for discipline, confidence & pride.

For thousands of years, martial arts has been used to not only teach children self-defense... but to give them the tools they need for success in life.

Your child will learn about setting goals - and achieving them. They'll learn to appreciate respect and show it to others. And their physical condition will improve too. After all, karate is a great work-out for kids.

But most importantly... they'll have a ton of fun, make friends, and enrich their lives.

But we don't stop at martial arts. Kids also have fun with arts, crafts, and sports for variety and excitement.

Improve Your Child's Fitness & Health

Martial arts isn't just a powerful character-builder... it's a great workout, too. And in this day and age where there are TONS of activities that keep kids on the couch... it's VITAL to inject fun fitness whenever you can.

Our program will get your kid in great shape, and they'll love every second of it. That way they can develop healthy exercise habits that stick with them for life.


...And Get Our FREE Report “Building Your Child's Confidence”.

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We can't wait to meet you and your child,
and help them develop powerful traits
that will stick with them for life.